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Keeping Your Carpets Clean

Carpet Cleaning Maple Ridge corporate cleaning services

With steady foot traffic throughout the day, it doesn’t take long for your floors to accumulate dust, dirt and stains; especially during the winter months. If you have carpeting in your workplace, it can act like a sponge for mud. While regular vacuuming can help stem the tide of dirt and debris, sooner or later your carpets will need professional cleaning from the experts in Maple Ridge.

Promote a healthy workplace

Regular carpet cleaning is much more than just an aesthetic choice, it also contributes to keeping your workers happy and healthy. As dust and other debris accumulate inside the carpet, they can attract bacteria which is then recycled into the air. In a previous blog post, we discussed how the influenza virus can spread all too easily inside a workplace. So it’s important to keep your carpets spotless to stop airborne viruses and bacteria from spreading.

Create the right impression

When it comes to customer or client-based businesses, first impressions are incredibly important. Having a shabby working space or mud-soaked carpets can create the wrong impression very quickly. On the other hand, a clean and orderly workplace reflects the efficiency with which you run your company. Corporate Cleaning Services in Maple Ridge provides professional carpet cleaning so that your business is always ready to impress.

With regular cleanings, your carpet will last longer and promote the overall appeal of your workplace. The expert team at Corporate Cleaning Services will work with you to design a custom service plan to fit your business and your budget. Request a quote today!