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Keep Your Office Clean Through Flu Season

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When a coworker catches the flu, it can spread through the rest of the workforce quickly, affecting productivity. With flu season in full swing, it’s important to make sure you yourself have been vaccinated and that your workspace is as clean as possible, to stop the spread of germs. Corporate Cleaning Services has some advice on how to protect yourself and others from inadvertently picking up the flu virus.

Beware Communal Areas

It’s good to know which areas of the office are most likely to accumulate germs. One of those places is the break room or communal kitchen. While the majority of people wash their hands after using the washroom, most don’t think to rinse before using the microwave or coffee machine. Not only does this allow germs to fester in your food prep area, it allows them to spread to other coworkers who in-turn help spread them around the rest of the office. It’s a good idea to keep disinfectant wipes at hand and regularly wipe down these areas to kill germs and stop the spread.

Use Your Sick Days

If you need a sick day, take one. While your commitment to your work is admirable, showing up at the office with a cold can present a risk to your coworkers, and having an entire team of sick people doesn’t help accomplish anything.

Be Considerate

If you can’t avoid going into work with the flu, make sure to cover your mouth every time you cough or sneeze, and wash your hands frequently to avoid spreading germs around the office. Advise your coworkers to do the same.

Call Corporate Cleaning Services

We offer custom cleaning services to businesses across the lower mainland. While it’s important for individual employees to do their part in stopping the spread, a regular, comprehensive clean from our expert staff will ensure germs aren’t able to linger and spread throughout the building. Contact Corporate Cleaning Services today to talk with one of our expert sales representatives.