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Comprehensive Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

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If you run a restaurant or catering company, you’re probably obsessed with keeping the kitchen clean. However, the sheer volume of food you produce on a daily basis can make cleaning up at the end of the day an ongoing chore. Today, standards for kitchen hygiene have never been higher and you have to ensure that all of your food prep areas are properly sanitized. Rather than breaking your back scrubbing down the whole kitchen, get expert commercial kitchen cleaning from Corporate Cleaning Services.

If you’ve had enough of built-up grease and food debris in all of the hard to reach areas of your restaurant, it’s time to send in the professionals. Corporate Cleaning Services can provide a thorough cleaning of your entire restaurant, as well as ongoing commercial kitchen cleaning to keep your business spotless. We only use the best green cleaning products to ensure the safety of your staff and customers while still delivering a deep clean.

Corporate Cleaning Services has over 25 years of experience keeping the businesses of Vancouver clean. Our fully-trained cleaning crews are bonded, insured, and held accountable for their work by quality control personnel who will regularly inspect your business to ensure complete customer satisfaction. All of our service consultants are expert cleaners themselves, who will discuss your commercial kitchen cleaning needs in detail and create a custom service plan that’s right for you.

With Corporate Cleaning Services, you can stop worrying about keeping the kitchen clean, so you can get back to running your business. To learn more about our comprehensive cleaning services or to request a free quote, contact us today.